About the Books

Defying Gravity: And Other Short Stories From a Long Career in advertising

A witty, insightful, and sometimes cynical peek behind the scenes of one of the world’s most influential businesses: advertising!

Defying Gravity takes readers on a tour of the advertising world as seen through the eyes of someone who spent decades in the business.

Whether or not you have worked in the advertising industry, you’ll be hooked once you start turning the pages. Enjoy!

Connected: A Case of Unique Proximity

There’s been a murder. An eyewitness has come forward, and the killer has confessed. But there’s a problem. The two are conjoined twins, literally joined at the hip since birth. For the police, keeping the murderer in custody, means locking up his innocent brother along with him —an untenable situation. The frustrated legal system wrestles with how to prosecute a murderer who is apparently immune from punishment, as any attempt to exact justice would surely affect his conjoined twin. It appears there can be no satisfactory outcome. That is, until a surprising discovery is made.